The RedBall UK Education Project is coming to Torbay Schools

Dartington and Torbay have been working with Neil Kirby at the Red Rubber Ball Company to develop the RedBallUK: Education Project for Schools.

Designed to raise the aspirations and achievements of children as they move from year 6 into a new school and year 7, the project will engage 200 primary school students. The students will each produce a piece of art in response to what inspires them now and what their aspirations are for the future.

Drawing inspiration from Kurt and the RedBall Project, the team aim to work with the young people to show that anything is possible…

The children will decorate small boxes using collage/imagery which reflects their passions and interests. They'll also create a “vision board” of images and collages, which represents their future hopes and aspirations; and collect items to keep inside their box to remind them to continue to pursue their dreams.

A small red rubber ball will be given to each child to place in their box to represent their aspirations. Each box will be photographed and uploaded onto this website.

During a trial of the project, 90 students from Dartington Primary School spent a week on the RedBall Education project. Children were able to support each other through open discussion and asked questions to establish their hopes, aspirations and dreams for the future. They were able to act as ‘encouragers’ who did not judge each other.

We believe this programme is unique – with the emphasis on the child as an encourager.
It allows the children to develop the skills so important to succeed in life today:

One teacher in the pilot commented, “I know more about the children in my class from this exercise than I have learnt in the rest of the term”.

A study undertaken by the School of Education at the University of Hertfordshire on the potential of RedBall Education concluded that:

“It is clear that the RedBall Education strategy has the potential to make a significant contribution to the curriculum overall, particularly to Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE), Citizenship, and Art and Design, with significant contributions to English and to ICT as well.

As part of the project we have produced a toolkit for schools to run the project themselves, if you would like to find out more please contact Neil Kirby at the Red Rubber Ball Company -

The Red Rubber Ball Company

Neil Kirby from The Red Rubber Ball Company is a professional executive coach he is working in partnership with Torbay Council and Dartington.

The project is based around the inspirational books “The Rules of the Red Rubber Ball” and “What’s Your Red Rubber Ball?” by Kevin Carroll. This is augmented by the very best coaching skills developed from over 10 years working with business leaders in the UK.

A Red Rubber Ball?

The red rubber ball is a metaphor for our passions; the things that interest and excite us all. We believe that everyone has a red rubber ball; it provides the drive and energy for us to set goals, achieve them, and be fulfilled in life.

For Kevin Carroll it was literally a red rubber ball that prompted his love of sport that became his life. You can see more about Kevin and his work at