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You can get in touch with the team behind RedBall UK by emailing us on or calling 01803 847016. We're also on Twitter @redballuk and Facebook - Redball UK - so reach us there.

Press enquiries: please contact Alison Wright on

The team behind RedBall UK

Artist: Kurt Perschke
Exec Producers: David Francis, Dartington and Mischa Eligoloff, Creative Torbay
Producer: Natasha Vicars
Press/media: Alison Wright
Design, artwork and website: At Work
Marketing brains: Becky Pratchett and Katrina Hurford @Dartington
Bid writer: Alicia Beckett
Filmmaker: Danny Cooke
Film Soundtrack: Tony Higgins
Southbank Lead Partner: Paul Denton
Plymouth Lead Partner: Jodie Bishop
Exeter Lead Partner: Val Wilson
Weymouth Lead Partner: Alan Rogers
Education Project: Neil Kirby and Hugh Nankivell
Education Project Creatives: Clare Parker and Sara Hurley
Education Project Schools: Ellacombe, Cockington, Homelands, Illsham and St Margarets Primary Schools
Assistant Producer (Evaluation): Helena Enright
Artist Assistant: Tom Martin
RedBall evaluation and production assistants: Aimee Cordeiro, Bethan Greaves, Georgia Greening, Hepzi Mcleod, Emma Morgan, Dewi Natalegawa, Lesley Oakley, Moira Prosser, Flora Scott, Roy Semonin.